Who's your daddy?

Short piece for a men's lifestyle mag.

HED: Who's your daddy?

DEK: Unwitting fathers fall victim to fraud.

by Dave Gerardi

The baby's not yours, but if you're like Larry Nicholson, courts say you have to pay anyway.

"The child is white. I'm black. Now, I'm not an expert in genetics, but I knew something had to be wrong," Nicholson said of the child he's now supporting with over 40 percent of his income.

He's not alone. The American Association of Blood Banks says that out of 280,000 men it conducted paternity tests on in 1999, 30 percent were ruled out as the father. "As incredible as it seems, men nationwide are being forced by court orders to pay child support for children proven by DNA testing not to be theirs," said attorney Jeffery M. Leving, co-author of Fathers' Rights.

Another reason to tear into a Trojan.

Dave Gerardi, writer/filmmaker for hire