Booth babes

For this article, which appeared in a gaming lifestyle magazine, I had to interview a ton of models and Playboy Playmates. Tough, eh? The assignment from my editor was, I quote, "Interview a bunch of models and see what you get." By the way, 'gams' is not a typo for 'games.' By gams, I mean legs. (Can you tell I used to watch Kojak reruns?)

HED: Getting cozy with the girls of E3

by Dave Gerardi

We know, we know. You only read InQuest for the articles. But booth babes are a trade show institution, especially at E3 where geeks and gams collide. After all, it's one of the last professions that can legally ask your boob size on a job application. As we sadly discovered, however, silicone injections do tend to leave less room for brain matter.

One lass at the Vivendi booth was surprised to learn The Hobbit is a prequel to The Lord of the Rings. At the G4 TV stand, Sheila deflected any technical talk with a nod and quick change of subject. The guys weren't any better: A machine gun-wielding SS trooper outside Activision's Call of Duty theater was wearing--oops--a Spanish helmet.

Not all I.Q.s are inversely proportional to cup size. Former Playboy Cyber Girl of the Week Tiffany Lang, for instance, is currently a premed student with a 4.0 GPA. "I really got into working on cadavers," she said, proving there's hope for our love lives yet. And let's not forget former Playboy model and Street Racing Syndicate cover girl Sasha Singleton, who's saving up to finish studying pharmacology.

Fortunately, such high-minded concerns didn't prevent clumsy come-ons from even clumsier show attendees. The best pick-up attempt of the show was a guy working his magic with a crutch and knee brace. "Hey ladies, I'd meet you at the club tonight if it wasn't for my bum knee. I hurt it while playing SSX--er, I mean, while snowboarding."

Smooth, but we still prefer the classics like, "Are those real?"

Dave Gerardi, writer/filmmaker for hire